My pricing is simple. Use the guide below to work out a rough starting price for your special cake.

The price below for each tier includes a fully presented, iced round sponge cake, with buttercream and jam along with a ribbon finish. Fruit cakes, decorations and extras are worked out additionally and we will work together to ensure your final finished cake suites your budget and your design.


Cake Size (1”x2” finger portion)

6in Round - 10-12 Portions – Starting at £45

7in Round – 15-17 Portions – Starting at £55

8in Round – 22-24 Portions – Starting at £65

9in Round – 30-32 Portions – Starting at £75

10in Round – 38-40 Portions – Starting at £85

11in Round – 46-48 Portions – Starting at £95

12in Round - 54-56 Portions – Starting at £105

When working out what size of cake you need, firstly consider how many people your cake needs to feed. Once you know your tier sizes, now start to think about your flavours and fillings, yum yum!

Other considerations should include if you require a cutting cake or any dummy tiers in your cake. Having a cutting cake (sometimes known as a kitchen cake) can be a great way to have a simple and beautiful wedding cake on show but still have enough cake to feed your guests

Cake In A Jar

All of my cake in a jar treats are freshly handmade to order, allowing you the choice of flavours, styles and finishing touches.

Layers of cake piled high with buttercream, chocolate pieces, jam and sauce. Choose from these three yuumy flavours:

Vanilla Cake

Chocolate Cake
Lemon Curd Cake

£3.50 each or £3 each when you buy 4 or more...

Additional Goodies

Starting From...

Cake Pops £1.50
Biscuits £1.50
Cupcakes £2.00
Brownies £2.00
Cake in a Jar £3.50 or 4 for £12

Dummy Cakes: Please Enquire

Cuttiing Cakes: Please Enquire